Thursday 02nd June 2005

Home is where the heart is

AFTER first turning out for the club as a player almost 25 years ago, Bob Chilvers admitted his love for Beckenham Town was the main reason for returning to the Eden Park Avenue club to work with long serving boss Kevin Sugrue, writes Stephen McCartney.

"I can't really give a definite reason on why I returned," Chilvers told the club's website.  "The fact is that I was asked and after much deliberation I decided to give it a go."

Chilvers who replaces Jason Taylor as the number two, having worked under Sugrue in the past, has admitted he might have something to prove.

"Maybe I do have something to prove, if only to myself.  I enjoyed working with Kevin before, hopefully we can build on the solid foundations laid last season.

"Only time will tell if I have made the right decision.  With hindsight I feel that I packed up playing too young and should have waited before moving into the coaching/managing side of things.

"Now, being older I can bring something different to the club.  It is no secret that I love Beckenham Town, actually, that is probably the plain and simple real reason on why I have returned."

And Chilvers is looking to build on last season.  The first team should have finished higher in the Kent League than tenth last season, and the club boasts one of the best playing surfaces in the whole of Kent, much to the hard work of groundsman Ian Muir and a grant from the Football Foundation.

"For much of the season the team played some lovely football and everyone must have been extremely disappointed with the finish and the display in the cup final," said Chilvers.

"The team were hit by injuries and unavailability at the latter end of the season. 

"So it would seem obvious that the squad needs to be bigger and stronger.  But that is easier said than done because everyone wants to play.

"The importance of a strong reserve side cannot be under estimated.  The reserves made real progress last year.  I wouldn't be surprised to see some players make the step up next year along with a some new faces that we are hoping to bring to the club."

Chilvers admitted the club is in a better financial footing now than it was in the past.  

"When I first became Beckenham manager in the eighties I paid a visit to the club on a Sunday morning - there was a car boot sale taking place on the pitch.  Imagine that happening now." he said.

"In my first game in charge there wasn't a blade of grass in either penalty box. To say I am looking forward to having a pitch like it is now to play on is a massive understatement. The groundsman should be applauded."

And Chilvers is going to implement his own training ideas as they prepare for what should be, a successful Kent League campaign.

"I expect to take charge of training as I have strong views on how the game should be played, although I am well aware that much depends on the personnel you have available.

"Having been away from the coaching side for a good number of years I feel it would be of benefit to the club and players if I built a small coaching team to oversee training.

"Hopefully, if my plans succeed, training should be more enjoyable and beneficial to the team.  I feel it is so important for players to enjoy their training and hopefully introducing some variety will go some way to doing this."

Chilvers, however, is committed to the cause to bring success to the ambitious club - and wants every player at the club to have the same fire in their bellies.

"I hope all the management and coaching staff, first and reserves do (have the same commitment).  That way we can go some way to having a proper club."