Wednesday 20th October 2004

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Jenner explains situation at Homelands

Ryman League Division One club Ashford Town’s chief executive Mick Jenner has been forced to explain the happenings at the Homelands which has seen numerous changes both on and off-the-field.

Ashford supporters have been calling for the club to explain what has been going on and finally Jenner has come out with some answers.

“The last few weeks have been a little unsettling for both players and supporters as we seek a way forward in terms of both management and performance on the pitch,” the chief executive said.

“Some 30 triallists have been used alongside our existing squad in order to find the right mix of players to compete in the Ryman League where the style of football is different, though not necessarily better, than the Southern League.

“The most important news this week is to confirm that former England International Terry Fenwick has been appointed first-team manager with immediate effect and will be responsible for all football in the club.

“Having had a few weeks to get used to our strange ways we are delighted that Terry has decided to take up the position on a formal basis. In addition to being manager, Terry has been appointed as a director of the club in which capacity he will lend his considerable presence to supporting our commercial activities and opening up new avenues for generating income.

“To support Terry we have appointed Frank Gill as assistant-manager and head coach with special responsibility for recruiting new players and Simon Sokel, who will be technical director coordinating various aspects of the playing side of the club including the reserve and youth teams. Both Frank and Simon were previously involved at Southall and have been responsible for introducing the new players to the club.

“It is immensely difficult to find people of the right calibre who will do this job on a very limited budget so I hope everyone will give their whole hearted support to the new management team so that we can enjoy some success again.

“By the middle of next week it is anticipated that the new squad of 18 to 20 players will be announced from which the first-team will be chosen. A new training regime will be in place where attendance will be mandatory and where necessary new terms will be agreed with certain players. Inevitably some players will leave the club or drop down to the reserves but this is necessary if we are to progress from our present position at the foot of the table.

“Over the last few weeks over half of our wage bill has gone on injured players, which is obviously a situation that cannot continue and which will be eliminated once the new squad is formed.

“There is no quick fix and no guarantee in football but I believe that Terry Fenwick gives us a very best chance in seeing attractive football and getting the Nuts & Bolts nearer the top.”