Friday 16th April 2004

Ashford Town are financially healthier, reveals Chief Executive

Mark Jenner, Chief Executive of Dr Martens League Eastern Division Ashford Town, has admitted the club has made progress both on-and-off the pitch, writes Stephen McCartney.

Speaking on the club's website, Jenner said: "On the pitch there have been highs and lows but overall it has been somewhat disappointing after such a bright start although our final finishing position in the league will be similar to season 2002-2003."

However, looking ahead to next season, the club are already putting plans in place to prepare for an assault on promotion as the Nuts and Bolts look to be successful against unfamiliar opposition.

Jenner said: "Since discussions are currently in process with the players regarding arrangements for next season. Paul Jones has signed a contract until the end of next season and early indications are that any further player news will be positive," he revealed.

Jenner added: "Next season of course will see us playing many unfamiliar teams so it is difficult to predict how we might fare post the league re-organisation, but we will at least be in a strong position as a club to be one of the leading runners."

Jenner admitted the club's finances are in a much better state than previously.  He revealed:   "Aside from the long-term loan, which is gradually reducing, all the debts and disputes from previous years inherited prior to 2001 have now been paid or settled. These debts alone amounted to over £40,000 and arose from poor financial management over a period of many years. Although we are financially healthier now it is still a continual struggle to make ends meet so we will need to review our charging structure for next season as our total gate revenues amount to only about one third of our wage bill."