Thursday 11th December 2003

Anderson stands down at Ashford
Gary Anderson has decided to stand down from the post of assistant-manager at Dr Martens League Eastern Division club Ashford Town as he has recently changed jobs and now finds it difficult to get to midweek games and to training on a regular basis.

Following discussions with manager Tim Thorogood, Anderson has reluctantly come to the conclusion that he could not give the club the attention he felt necessary.

Meanwhile, striker Lee McRobert is no longer on the club's payroll, although Ashford retain his registration.

McRobert's day job which requires a very early start, even on match days, and it was beginning to affect his performances and on a couple of occasions was unable to get to games due to work commitments.

In addition, Lewis Phillips is no longer at the club as it was becoming increasingly difficult to determine whether he would attend matches and training or not due to his other activities detaining him without prior warning.

Like all clubs at the present time, Ashford have to review their performances against budget to ensure they are getting the best value out of their investment. Everybody recognises that a poor run of results leads to lower gate receipts but the club are confident that their recent run of bad luck will end soon.