Wednesday 07th July 2004
Gravesend denied entrance in LDV Trophy
by Tony Hudd - www.kentonline.co.uk
GRAVESEND & Northfleet's failure to meet Football League ground criteria has cost them a place in next season’s LDV Vans competition.

Despite the League relaxing criteria for teams being promoted from the Conference, entry into the LDV Trophy remains based on strict ground capacity levels which the Fleet cannot meet.

The League demand all capacities of competing clubs must be 5,000 of which 1,000 seats must be covered. The present Gravesend & Northfleet capacity stands at 4,200 of which 500 seats are covered.

“We are devastated,”  chief executive Glenn Aitken admitted. “After our storming finish to last season, we believed 11th position would have been enough for inclusion among the 12 Conference clubs invited to play in the competition.

“We understand the Football League are now giving clubs gaining a place in that competition more time to meet their ground criteria. And yet they are being strict about the LDV.”

The club's failure to meet the required ground criteria and Telford’s insolvency has allowed lower finishers Dagenham & Redbridge, who were 13th, and 15th placed Scarborough to qualify.

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